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Watch a speeding car run over two motorcyclists in Qatif

A video clip of a speeding car crossing the road and running over a number of motorcyclists at an intersection in Qatif, eastern Saudi Arabia, angered the Saudis, after the motorcyclists were blown away by the force of the collision, and one of them settled under the tire of the car.

Sources indicated that the accident resulted in the injury of 6 cyclists, and their condition is stable, as they suffered bruises and scratches.

In addition, the Eastern Region Traffic revealed the circumstances of the run-over accident that occurred on the Qatif Corniche, on Friday, and resulted in a number of injuries.

Traffic said that the accident occurred after cyclists crossed a red light, and as a result they collided with a vehicle, resulting in 3 moderate injuries, and they were referred to the Traffic Authority to apply the penalties imposed against them.

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