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158.8 thousand Saudi families inhabited their first home in 2022

The “sakani” program revealed that 148.9 Saudi families benefited in 2022 from all the housing options and financing solutions that the program provides electronically to its beneficiaries, within easy and accessible procedures.

The number of families who inhabited their first home reached 158.8 thousand Saudi families, as part of the program’s endeavor to support the beneficiaries to achieve the goals of the Iskan Program – one of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 programs – by raising the proportion of residential ownership of Saudi families to 70% by 2030.

“Sakani” stated that the number of families benefiting from the options and solutions provided to the beneficiaries last December amounted to 10.4 thousand Saudi families, while the number of families who inhabited their first residence in the same month reached 9422 Saudi families, according to the Saudi Press Agency “SPA”.

“Sakani” provides new optional support packages within its solutions and options provided to Saudi families, bringing the number of housing and financing options to 9 options, as the new packages included “the provided support package, the rental package, the furniture package, the self-construction package, and the home renovation package.”

The new packages give the beneficiary flexible and multiple solutions, by providing immediate, non-refundable support to the beneficiaries of ready-made, under-construction and self-build housing units, in partnership with the Real Estate Development Fund and financing agencies from banks, financing institutions and real estate developers.

The “sakani” website and application offers a variety of housing facilities and services, which include real estate advisory, issuance of real estate disposal tax certificates for the first home, obtaining a price quote for financing agencies, issuing land contracts electronically, and benefiting from the engineering designs service and the “approved contractor” and the financing service. Electronic and real estate market, as well as registration and immediate entitlement, and the issuance of building permits electronically.

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