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Saudi Arabia.. Launching a program to detect the threat of “extremist groups”

The Grand Mufti of the Kingdom, Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars and the Standing Committee for Scholarly Research and Ifta, Sheikh Abdulaziz Al Al-Sheikh, gave the badge to launch an intellectual awareness program, aimed at strengthening the role of fatwas in the security of society, and pointing out the danger of extremist groups that adopt politics to implement their partisan plans.

The program – which is launched under the slogan “The Role of Fatwa in Community Security”, and targets the employees of the Presidency of the Academic Research and Ifta Authority – aims to enhance comprehensive intellectual security, by qualifying the employees of the Presidency, to carry out their legitimate duty, and to prevent intellectual deviations, by addressing both sides of deviation, extremism and extremism. and destabilizing the security of society.

The program discusses a number of topics that include the glorification of legal texts, the attitude towards sedition, especially takfir, sit-ins and demonstrations, and examples of the dangerous negative effects that result from them that destroy the individual and society, and build the country and the nation by provoking sedition and questioning the constants of the purified Sharia.

The advisor and supervisor of the program, Sheikh Dr. Abdul Majeed bin Muhammad Al-Asaker, confirmed that the program will be held in all regions of the Kingdom in cooperation with the regional emirates, branches of Islamic affairs and education departments, and a group of scholars from the fatwa commissioners and advisors specialized in intellectual security issues will participate in its implementation, in addition to the participation of other government agencies. Which is concerned with this aspect by activating partnerships with universities and relevant authorities.

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