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The National Education Authority signs an agreement with the UAE’s SchoolVoice to expand digital education

The National Company for Learning and Education in Saudi Arabia has signed an agreement with the Emirati SchoolVoice Company with the aim of enabling schools affiliated with Al-Watania for Education to employ modern technologies for digital education.

The company said in a statement that the agreement aims to enhance the learning experience for students and teachers, as well as improve communication and information exchange between schools and parents.

The agreement is in line with the rapid response in dealing with the current changes in the education sector. According to the memorandum, SchoolVoice will provide technical solutions to facilitate the process of communication between the different parties in the educational system, by providing the SchoolVoice application dedicated to that.

In a previous interview with Al-Arabiya, the CEO of the National Company for Learning and Education, Muhammad bin Khaled Al-Khudair, said that all the company’s complexes recorded growth during the last quarter of 2022, by 40% on an annual basis.

Al-Khudair added that the financing costs are likely to increase with the increase in interest, saying: “We do not expect a decrease in financing costs, but it is offset by the growth of the company and an increase in the number of complexes and schools.”

He pointed out that the company implemented expansion projects in the past years from the proceeds of the offering implemented in 2018, and the new projects coincide with the company obtaining new banking facilities.

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