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Watch.. Rocks fall on the obstacle of unification without injuries

As a result of the rain, a number of huge rocks fell on the Aqabat al-Tawhid linking al-Namas and al-Majardah Governorate in the Asir region, southwestern Saudi Arabia, without any human or material injuries being recorded.

In the details, the Saudi Ministry of Transport, in cooperation with the security authorities, announced the temporary closure of the “Aqabat Al-Tawhid” in Al-Namas Governorate, calling on everyone to take caution and stay away from bumpy roads and rain-gathering areas.

The National Center of Meteorology, through the early warning system, also issued alerts to the Asir region about the expected weather during the coming hours.

Dense fog and poor visibility

He confirmed that the area is witnessing fog with poor visibility.

The case also includes Al-Areen, Bisha, Tathleeth and Tareeb until ten in the morning.

It is noteworthy that the past hours witnessed heavy rains, which were followed by thick fog that covered Abha, Al-Namas, Balqarn, Tanumah and Khamis Mushait.

According to the authorities, this wave will continue until ten in the morning.

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