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“Zahed Industries” opens its first factory to localize military industries in Saudi Arabia

The third industrial city in Jeddah affiliated to the Saudi Organization for Industrial Cities and Technology Zones “MODON” witnessed the inauguration of the “Zahid Industries” factory for the localization of defense and security products, which is the fifth among the investments of the Zahid group of companies in the industrial cities affiliated to “MODON”, and the first in the military industries. in the Kingdom.

MODON works according to its strategy to empower industry and contribute to increasing local content, in order to be the first partner for the industrial and technical system in the Kingdom, and in line with the national goals in the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to localize 50% of the volume of military spending, in line with the national strategy for industry, And within the framework of the initiatives entrusted to it in the National Industry Development and Logistics Program “Ndlib”.

MODON provides an incubating environment for qualitative industrial technologies to enrich the structures of the national economy, and provide it with services, products and logistical solutions that achieve added value for its partners in the local and global private sector for their investments, in addition to raising the industrial sector’s contribution to the gross domestic product to 33% by 2030, according to the news agency. Saudi Arabia, SPA.

The third industrial city is located in Jeddah, within the western sector of MODON, as it was established in 2012 on an area of ​​80 million square meters, of which 24 million square meters was developed to include 729 industrial, investment and service contracts between product, existing, under construction and establishment.

Since 2001, MODON has undertaken the development of integrated industrial lands with services, as it currently supervises 36 industrial cities across the Kingdom, which include more than 5,000 productive factories under construction and establishment, in addition to supervising private industrial complexes and cities. Quality of Life Program to keep pace with the aspirations of its partners in the private sector and empower the role of women, small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurship.

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