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A desert turns into rivers in “Sabkhat Malih” in central Saudi Arabia

Nature painted its picturesque scenes in eye-catching scenes in the “Sabkhat Malih” located west of Qassim, central Saudi Arabia, after the water permeated between the sand dunes, and the arid desert dissolved into stunning water lakes and an attractive natural park, after the wave of rain that fell in the region.

The photographer, “Suleiman Al-Qablan”, who documented the site in aesthetic scenes that embodied the divine creativity, told I did not like photographing the site, and I found what was worth the experience after a long wait that extended for four years, to return as I saw it previously (Sabkhat Mleih), the mesmerizing lake formations and color The magician after the rains of goodness that swept the Qassim region.

He added: I wanted to show you this place in my own way, it was beautiful when I saw it with the natural eye in its usual perspective, but it impressed me from the top after I delved into its charming details, so Sabkhat Mleih or the bottom of the corner, located near Nufud Al-Ariq and the center of Al-Mashash and Al-Raknah, southwest of Al-Rass Governorate The place is distinguished by the presence of terrain close to it, the mountains and the influence.

Al-Qablan continued his speech: “The last time the water fell on this site was 4 years ago, and no one had ever photographed it in a way that highlights its details and beauty. The scales are in favor of the green nature, the flowing waters, and the waterfalls that flowed due to the heavy amounts of rain, which turned many sites in Saudi Arabia into a green paradise.

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