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Saudi Arabia.. 4 expatriates were convicted of counterfeiting money and imprisoned for 5 years

The Saudi judiciary has issued prison sentences to 4 expatriates who were convicted of counterfeiting currencies, as revealed by the Public Prosecution Office today.

Today, Wednesday, an official source in the Public Prosecution office in Saudi Arabia announced that the Economic Crimes Prosecution had charged an organized criminal formation consisting of four expatriates of Asian nationality on charges of counterfeiting money.

The investigation procedures revealed that the perpetrators had acquired electronic machines and printers intended for printing banknotes, and they had an amount of 8,700 forged riyals. They were arrested because the charge against them required arrest, and they were referred to the competent court.

A judicial ruling was issued against them, including their conviction of what was attributed to them and their imprisonment for a period of 5 years for each of them, and a fine of 120,000 riyals, and the confiscation of the seized electronic devices, and their deportation from the Kingdom after the end of their prison term.

The source affirmed that the Public Prosecution continues to protect the monetary currency, stressing the prohibition of sinful behavior in this regard, under penalty of severe criminal accountability in accordance with the penal system for counterfeiting and imitating money.

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