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Saudi Arabia gives workers in real estate activities 6 months to correct their situation

The General Real Estate Authority in Saudi Arabia announced that work in brokerage activities and real estate services according to the real estate brokerage system will start from today, Monday.

Abdullah Al-Hammad, CEO of the General Authority, affirmed that the royal decree enforcing the real estate brokerage system allows current real estate practitioners working in the fields of brokerage and real estate services to organize and correct their situation within a period of 6 months.

Al-Hammad indicated that the services related to the issuance of licenses necessary to practice real estate brokerage and marketing activity are available free of charge throughout the correction period, with the aim of stimulating real estate brokerage activity and enabling real estate practitioners to continue their work.

He explained that the system covers real estate activities and services, and is practiced exclusively on qualified and licensed persons, indicating that the system includes mediation in completing real estate transactions, including electronic mediation through technical means, in addition to practicing activities related to real estate, marketing, managing it, selling it, selling its benefit and leasing it.

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