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Saudi Arabia is going to become an innovative beacon for the Middle East and the world in the future

Citigroup CEO, Jane Frazier, referred to the investment opportunities available in Saudi Arabia, explaining that the Kingdom is going to become an innovative beacon for the Middle East and the world in the future.

Fraser added, on the sidelines of the World Economic Forum in Davos, that opportunities have begun to emerge, and small and medium-sized companies will form another wave of opportunities inside Saudi Arabia, which will be important and will build more of the ecosystem conducive to various industries within the country.

And she continued, “The Kingdom is seeking to diversify its economy away from oil, but we do not want to underestimate the important role in the transformation that Aramco is making, and the investment that has been made in hydrogen.”

She stated that “Saudi Arabia leads the way in this field, and this is very important for the whole world, not just for the Kingdom.”

And she said: “From my point of view, as I lead a global bank, what we see in a world that is fragmented and a world that is more divided is a country that has a real vision. As a former consultant, I am excited about the vision and I am even more excited when I see the implementation of this vision in reality.”

She pointed to the possibility of the Kingdom being an innovative peak in the future for the Middle East and other places in the world, and this would be attractive to the flow of capital inside and outside the country, as well as to entrepreneurs who wish to come and participate.

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