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The first woman to be crowned at the closing ceremony of the Camel Festival.. What did she say?

In the seventh edition of the King Abdulaziz Camel Festival, the name of the women’s race was changed to the Princess Noura bint Abdul Rahman race, in addition to the winner receiving her prize from the sponsor of the closing ceremony, which gave the race a different luster that necessitated competition in the midst of a picturesque cultural atmosphere, and endowed it with value It reflects the community’s interest in the heritage.

In the recently concluded festival, “Noura Al-Muhaidib” was able to win this round, and she said in her statement to “I have a very beautiful feeling, and I am overwhelmed with happiness as the first Saudi woman to receive the honor of being crowned by the sponsor of the festival in this festival.”

She explained that the greatest incentive and motivation for her to win was naming the women’s race after Princess Noura, as she considered it an appreciation of the status of women and a perpetuation of the role of the princess who was the first lady and entrusted her with tasks and jobs, in addition to being the advisor and trusted friend of her founding brother Abdulaziz, and he consoled her as he used to repeat, “And I Nora’s brother.

Al-Muhaidib revealed that her relationship with camels did not go beyond competition and trade only, until it turned into a hobby and love. Seven places in the Holy Quran.

And she mentioned in her speech: “I participated last year, but the preparations were not complete, and I preferred to participate again, and in this version we were fully equipped and the participation was crowned with victory.”

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