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A Saudi-British project to produce electricity in space and transmit it to Earth

Saudi Arabia and Britain intend to launch a joint project to produce clean electric energy in outer space, and then transfer it to Earth to benefit from it, which will provide a continuous source of energy 24 hours a day, without producing any environmental pollutants.

According to the details revealed by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, and viewed by “Al”, the joint project will be implemented by the British company (Space Solar Ltd), and it will be the first of its kind in the world, as it depends on the installation of “solar panels in space” to transfer energy to the North Sea continuously.

The project includes placing solar panels in Earth’s orbit, which are assembled by robots, as electricity is converted into high-frequency radio waves that are transmitted to the surface of the globe.

The full satellite panels are about a mile wide and weigh 2,000 tons, according to the Daily Mail report.

Back on Earth, a net-like antenna several miles wide strung between the poles will convert radio waves from space into electricity.

Placing solar panels on a satellite overcomes the problem faced by solar panels on Earth, as solar panels in outer space will be able to capture sunlight at night and in all weather conditions.

And Britain announced its desire to cooperate with Saudi Arabia in the project, which could collect transmitted energy in the North Sea, according to the “Daily Mail”.

The “Daily Mail” indicated that the idea of ​​​​collecting electricity from solar panels in space and sending it back to Earth dates back to more than a century ago, but it has not become a reality until now, despite the existence of a race between countries working on similar projects. Including China, the United States and Japan.

And the company, “Space Solar”, announced that it is cooperating with the new and unique Saudi city of “NEOM” in the world, and it is expected that it will cause a boom in the entire Middle East region.

Another report published by the British newspaper The Times stated that NEOM’s interest in the space energy production project is due to a Saudi desire to provide carbon-free energy for the new city.

The Times indicated that 3.5 million pounds (4.3 million US dollars) has been allocated at the present time for the development of the project, but the total cost of the project will be much more, and will reach tens of billions of pounds sterling, according to the feasibility study for this project, which estimated that It could be completed by 2040.

British Business Secretary Grant Shapps said: “The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is on an ambitious journey to modernize its economy and society, which opens up a range of opportunities for thriving British companies, and the export of British expertise that can transform global access to renewable energy, including space, on the basis of solar energy.” “.

The British minister praised Saudi Arabia as “open to business and has very great aspirations,” as he put it.

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