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With tears of joy.. A Saudi female soldier greets her mother after her graduation

Various social media were buzzing with a delightful video clip, telling of moments of overwhelming joy experienced by a Saudi female soldier after her graduation with her mother.

Activists spoke, stressing that it is one of the most important positive passages that make a person feel proud, calling on female graduates to be successful and repaid, as they are the protectors of the homeland, echoing the beauty of the scene that expressed this great joy experienced by the female soldier.

It is noteworthy that the Director General of Prisons in Saudi Arabia, Major General Majid Al-Dawish, witnessed the graduation ceremony of 211 female recruits, after they completed the third basic course in the Training and Development of Women’s Capabilities Center at the General Directorate of Prisons, in the presence of representatives from government sectors and the graduates’ families.

During the ceremony, which was sponsored by Prince Abdulaziz bin Saud bin Nayef, Minister of Interior, the graduates received certificates of completion of field skills and security sciences that qualify them to work efficiently in the fields of field and security work, and they presented a presentation of the military skills acquired during the training period.

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