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In 7 locations in the Asir region.. The Mountain Performing Arts Festival kicks off

The Qimam International Festival for Mountain Performing Arts, in its second edition, was launched, organized by the Saudi Theater and Performing Arts Authority for a week, in seven locations in the Asir region.

The festival witnessed the organization of a carnival procession in the Art Street in Abha, on carts that were designed to simulate the cultural and folkloric aspect of the participating countries, in addition to the traditional and popular costumes that characterize the participating countries to add a rich diversity to the festival, in which 16 Saudi bands and 14 international bands participate, presenting about 32 colors. Mountain performers from within the Kingdom and a number of countries around the world.

For his part, Sultan Al-Bazai, CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority, confirmed that Qimam is the first international festival specialized in mountain performing arts, which would contribute to introducing the archaeological heritage sites in the Asir region. Abu Shahra Palace in Al-Maqi, Shamsan Castle, the historical village of Bin Adwan, Malik’s historical palace, Al-Mushait palaces, and the castles of Abu Nuqat Al-Mutahmi.


Al-Bazghi added: The festival will witness singing concerts that are distinguished by the fact that they mix distinguished voices and performing groups, in which visitors will get to know young talents. It aims to highlight the rich folklore of the Saudis in their various regions, as it presents a unique positive image of the Kingdom’s arts, folklore and heritage, and contributes to the development of the theater and performing arts sector, in a distinctive festive atmosphere, as well as improving the quality of life and developing the cultural sector, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and the strategic National Culture.

level of awareness of the arts

The CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority continued in his speech that the festival builds on the success it presented in the first edition, as it aims to raise the level of awareness of the arts and the ancient heritage in the Kingdom and the world, and introduces visitors to its history, arts, methods, and how to perform it, adding that heritage has a role in bringing together Peoples, which is the main message that Qimam International Festival focuses on, which strengthens the Kingdom’s position on the global cultural map.

Folklore performing arts

In addition, the Qimam International Mountain Performing Arts Festival presents a cultural program in cooperation with the Abha Literary Club. It includes panel discussions and educational workshops for elite local and international speakers on folklore performing arts. The festival sites host a group of events and regions; Such as a fashion exhibition, theater events, activities for villagers, platforms for live performances in front of the audience, a children’s area, in addition to exhibitions and shops for craftsmen, heritage and souvenir gifts, and fashion, and live cooking events presented by the most famous local chefs, and a special area for kitchens and restaurants of a local character for productive families, in addition to Modern restaurants and cafes. Visitors can also take advantage of the opportunity to stay in the Asir region to practice mountaineering, hiking, mountain biking, camping and stargazing, in coordination with local tourism and excursions companies.

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