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With the participation of the most prominent artists

The head of the General Authority for Entertainment, Turki Al-Sheikh, announced the revival of the “Voice of the Earth” night, which will honor the late artist Talal Maddah, on February 1, with the participation of the most important Arab stars.

And Abdullah, the son of the artist Talal Maddah, had announced the family’s approval of the invitation of the head of the General Authority for Entertainment to hold a ceremony honoring the late befitting him, and Turki Al Sheikh launched an initiative during which he called on art stars to participate in a special night to honor the late Talal Maddah.

It is noteworthy that Turki Al-Sheikh confirmed that more than 31 male and female artists announced their willingness to participate in the ceremony, including Muhammad Abdo, Majid Al-Mohandes, Rashid Al-Majid, Abdul-Majid Abdullah, Ahlam, Asala, Latifa and Belqis.

And he said in a tweet: “Any artist who participates in the night of Talal Maddah, may God have mercy on him, will have a special appreciation from me, and I will add to that whoever will participate, considering him as my personal generosity, after it is Talal’s generosity, may God have mercy on him. The invitation is open to all the stars of the Kingdom, the Gulf and the Arab world.”

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