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A study reveals the causes of strokes at an early age in Saudis

A recent five-year study of stroke patients at an early age in Saudi Arabia, which is received by Sultan bin Abdulaziz City for Humanitarian Services, revealed that it included more than 700 cases at an early age (less than 55 years old). The importance of this study comes from the fact that this age group is not exposed to strokes in most cases, so the detection of risk factors was important to prevent strokes for this important age group.

The study revealed that 70% of stroke cases at this early age are caused by arteriopathies and blockages in the main brain arteries, while the rest of them were other causes of strokes, foremost of which was cerebral hemorrhage.

This study showed that the risk factors behind strokes among Saudis at an early age include high blood fats, heart disease and diabetes, which are risk factors that can be controlled, and thus reduce the incidence of strokes in this important age group, which has a direct impact on the national product of the country.

impact of medical rehabilitation

The research team studied the impact of the medical rehabilitation provided by the rehabilitation team at Sultan bin Abdulaziz City for Humanitarian Services, on improving the physical and functional performance of the study patients. The result confirms the remarkable improvement of the patients who were treated with early physical rehabilitation, as they regained most of the muscular and neurological capabilities, in addition to the clear improvement of the psychological state of these patients. It was concluded from this study that early intervention in physical therapy leads to positive results.

The study concluded that maintaining normal levels of blood fats and sugar levels, in addition to treating various heart diseases, plays an essential role in preventing strokes in this important group of society.

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