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Dazzling scenes… the return of life in Wadi Rania, southern Saudi Arabia

In dazzling scenes, the lens of photographer Salem Al-Ghamdi documented snapshots of the return of normal life to Wadi Rania, which extends east from the Al-Baha region, as it is considered one of the large valleys in the region.

In the details that the photographer Al-Ghamdi told, he said: “I visited the site where the divine paintings appeared in the most beautiful way, as the valley is characterized by an abundance of water throughout the year without interruption, and it is one of the favorite places and parks for the residents of the region.”

He added, “There are many who come to it from other neighboring regions, to enjoy the natural scenery and the wonderful slopes that aroused curiosity in front of the lens of photographers to capture the stunning views of the magic of nature, whose photos were circulated by the pioneers of social networking sites.”

It is noteworthy that Wadi Ranyah is located in the Ranyah Governorate, which is affiliated with the Emirate of Makkah Al-Mukarramah Region, and is located in the southeast of it.

The valleys that feed Rania Valley are located in the following regions and governorates: Balqarn Governorate, Khath’am Center, Baljurashi Governorate, and Al-Baha Region. Wadi Rania gained its name from the name of the Rania Governorate itself in which it is located, which opinions indicate that it was given this name because of its beauty.

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