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Positive performance of the Saudi stock market for the fifth consecutive session

The Saudi stock market rose, in today’s session, Thursday, rising for the fifth consecutive session, but the market continued its horizontal performance, which tends to rise, with anticipation of the announcement of the companies’ annual results.

The Saudi stock market index “TASI” rose 0.13%, or 13.5 points, at the level of 10809 points, with transactions worth 4.1 billion riyals.

The volume of traded shares amounted to 144 million shares, in which the shares of 117 companies recorded an increase in their value, while the shares of 83 companies out of a total of 223 companies declined.

The shares of Al-Hokair Group companies, Al-Inmaa Tokyo, International, Health Dallah, Saudi Repa, were the highest, with rates ranging between 9.91% and 5.01%. It ranged between 2.19% and 1.41%.

While the shares of: Dar Al-Arkan, Americana, Aramco, SABIC, Petro Rabigh were the most active in terms of quantity, and the shares of companies: SABIC, Dar Al-Arkan, Aramco, Atheeb Telecom, Al-Rajhi were the most active in value.

In an interview with Al-Arabiya, Hamad Al-Olayan, a financial market analyst, said that there are two months until the announcement of the results of Saudi companies for the fourth quarter of 2022 is completed.

Olayan stated that the remarkable thing about the companies that announced their results showed a clear growth in revenues, with a good increase in net profit.

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