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Riyadh hosts the Zakat, Tax and Customs Conference…and these are the details

Under the slogan “An integrated digital system to sustain the economy and enhance security”, the Saudi capital, Riyadh, will host the first edition of the “Zakat, Tax and Customs” conference, organized by the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, on February 8 and 9, with the participation of decision-makers and experts from around the world to contribute to advancing the Joint work, and discuss visions and developments in the zakat, tax and customs sectors.

The conference comes under the auspices of the Saudi Minister of Finance, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority, Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Jadaan.

It also aims to be an international platform that will bring together more than 50 speakers, with more than 30 specialized workshops that will discuss all aspects related to the theme of the conference, with the participation of more than 70 exhibitors from local and international governmental and private institutions.

Business sectors

Those wishing to attend the conference can register for it through the official website,

The conference also targets business sectors, including taxpayers, importers, exporters, and those interested in the zakat, tax and customs fields, and interested experts, researchers and specialists in this field from all over the world. The specialized workshops will discuss many specific issues related to the development of the zakat, tax and customs sector.

According to the official website, the conference will bring together a group of senior officials of governmental bodies and institutions, international organizations, corporate leaders, experts and the general public interested in the field to discuss visions and contemporary models in collecting zakat, collecting taxes, organizing and managing all activities related to customs work and customs ports to build a joint pioneering business model, and discuss The most important global and local experiences and developments in the zakat, tax and customs sector, the digital transformation in the system, and the impact of modern technologies on the efficiency and effectiveness of operations and their role in creating a thriving digital economy.

A platform for sharing international experiences

The first edition of the conference comes to keep pace with the global development in various fields, especially those related to the automation of the zakat, tax and customs sectors, and the establishment of a new era of trade facilitation and the protection of national security.

The Zakat, Tax and Customs Authority stated in its previous press releases that it is working through the conference to provide an important platform for the exchange of international expertise and experiences with international organizations, experts and interested parties, in order to enhance its role in developing the economy and strengthening its tributaries, and supporting the developed and integrated digital system in an effort to achieve the sustainability of the local economy. and strengthening Saudi national security.

Enable the services role

Also, one of the important determinants that the authority seeks to achieve through the conference is to work on enabling the role of smart services for the zakat, tax and customs sectors, and to support and assist taxpayers by raising awareness of the procedures, and its reflection on enhancing compliance, especially since the Saudi government considers digital transformation a strategy Integrated, decisive and practical to enable and accelerate government transformation efficiently and effectively, which is what the conference is based on in expanding the circle of discussion on the digitization of all government transactions.

In addition, specialized observers believe that what distinguishes the next conference is the highlighting of the most important developments in the zakat, tax and customs sector, which intersects with the main paths of the authority that seeks to be a global model in the management of zakat, taxes and customs, by strengthening the security aspect, and building a system Effective, raising compliance and commitment, improving customer experience, supporting economic development and facilitating international trade, as they describe.

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