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The movie “Al-Khalat”… the first Saudi work to be produced by the “Netflix” network

The “Netflix” network produced the movie “The Mixer” as the first Saudi work produced by the film screening platform, as the artwork, which is from the list of short and compact films, sparked controversy among critics and followers, which made it top the “Netflix” list for the second day in a row, and topped Social Media.

Opinions about the film varied between great praise for the film and criticism from another team at the same time, and it received seven stars on the “IMDB platform”, while it got 5.6 on the “” website.

And it was reported that “Netflix” tends to expand the production cycle to other regions, as well as expand its production in Saudi Arabia, and seeks to build a bridge for Arabic content with the world, and aspires to contribute to a pivotal role in creative societies.

Mixer movie details

Alkallat, or Mixer +, is a comedy film set in a social setting. The main idea of ​​it is about the social deception that people are exposed to without knowing it, as people are deceived in unexpected ways and from the most unexpected people.

The synopsis of the film revolves around four short stories, but all these themes are linked by one main idea, which is social deception.

While you find the characters in the movie in completely unexpected situations, and the story begins when these characters try to find a trick or trick to get out of these problems.

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