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A Saudi photographer creates action scenes that attract social media

In the manner of international action films, a talented Saudi was able to transform his yard into scenes and backgrounds that suggest forests and wars.

Photographer Fawaz Al-Zahrani was able to record the most dangerous angles with his lens and simple tools, which drew the attention of social networking sites towards his unique talent in photography, creating scenes and directing battles, considering that the launch of his talent.

In his interview with, he said: “I discovered that I love the atmosphere of movement since my childhood through electronic games and movie posters, and I began to use cinematic effects in images, and I try to make the image more expressive through design and musical backgrounds, and from that time I found that my goals My tendencies are towards action and suspense scenes.

Action scenes attracted networking sites

Expression of talent

Al-Zahrani continued: “Despite my fear of people’s comments due to the presence of blood in some scenes, I liked the idea amid the encouragement of the audience, and I decided to continue in this field and work on knowing all aspects related to this field.”

He added, “The beginning was by owning design tools, the most important of which is learning the arts of Photoshop, accessories, and clothes, and with time I mastered photography, and I was able to apply what I see on YouTube.”

Cinematic works

Regarding his participation, he mentioned that he participated in some series as a director of battles, and implemented some advertisements on the National Day with the National Guard.

He concluded his speech by saying that he dreams of raising the level of action films in Saudi Arabia, and of having a special production company for this type of film, which also undertakes training, providing weapon accessories, and implementing dangerous scenes, which develops the participation of Saudis in dangerous cinematic scenes, action films, excitement and suspense.

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