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Saudi Arabia.. Retribution against the burner of Bandar Al-Qarhadi

Lawyer and counselor Abdulaziz Al-Qulaisi announced the issuance of a verdict in the Bandar Al-Qarhadi case, which shook the Saudi street, and the perpetrator was sentenced to death by discretion.

Al-Qulaisi wrote on his Twitter account: “Oh God, praise be to You until You are satisfied, and praise be to You after You are satisfied. After a month and a half of the trial has passed, the verdict was issued in the case of the murdered and martyr Bandar Al-Qarhadi, with death penalty against the defendant. This is a bounty from God. Thank you to everyone who contributed and helped in the trial.” This case goes from the procedural sides to the court, and I thank my office members.”

The father of the deceased, Taha Al-Qarhadi, appeared in the video with the lawyer, saying: “Praise be to God, the perpetrator Barakat was sentenced to punishment, and this is God’s right and justice in this good and pure country.”

The story goes back to a month and a half ago, when communication activists circulated a video of a young man screaming in the street and saying: “I am sweet,” before he died of serious burns, after his friends lured him and set him on fire inside his car in Jeddah.

At the time, his father told Al “My son Bandar lives with me in the same house, and the last time I met him was before he left and died, when he brought with him a meal consisting of hamburger and shawarma to eat, and left it hanging on the door of his room, and unfortunately he did not return to eat it because of his death.” Treachery at the hands of his friend who deprived him of life.

He continued, “My son Bandar was known for his kindness and good treatment, and he had been working for Saudi Airlines for 20 years, and he was known for nothing but kindness and good manners. I raised him to deal well with others, and to love goodness.”

And he added in words full of sorrow: “His colleague at work is the one who betrayed him, and the incident that occurred is extraneous to our society, and we have not heard about it before. Or a mother to live our sorrow, and I pray to God that Bandar writes with the martyrs, and I appeal to social media to stop broadcasting painful clips about my son Bandar, out of concern for all of us because he has two sons.

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