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The death of the Saudi preacher Abdullah Banama

The Saudi preacher, Abdullah Banama, passed away this morning, Friday, after years of suffering from illness.

The hashtag #The death of the preacher_Abdullah_Banamah entered the Saudi trend on Twitter, where he was mourned by thousands of activists who counted his exploits.

A number of activists on Twitter indicated that the prayer over his body was today, after Friday prayers, at the Prophet’s Mosque.

A video clip of the deceased was circulated, indicating that it was his last recording during a recent illness, as he reassured everyone that he was fine, asking everyone to pray for him.

And with the blessing of influential personalities, as millions have known him for many years when he overcame his illness and disability to become a preacher who gives religious lessons and lectures in mosques and various sites.

The deceased had suffered quadriplegia 31 years ago, when he was studying in the first year of high school, where he was on a picnic with some of his friends and jumped into the pool wrongly, which led to him hitting the ground and paralyzing him.

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