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Uncle Al-Walid Al-Gharibi: The crime is heinous and unforgivable

The incident of stabbing the Saudi scholar Waleed Al-Gharibi, who was stabbed to death in America earlier this week, continues to interact amid a search for the motives of the incident.

In an interview with with Musaed Al-Gharibi, the uncle of the murdered Al-Walid, he said: “They informed us of the incident through an email sent to the father of the murdered, at around 12 pm last Monday, and following the news, his father traveled to America to follow up on the case there, although his father It has not been five days since he returned after meeting his son in America.

He explained that Al-Waleed was on scholarship by the state, and he studied at the beginning of secondary school in Australia, during his father’s diplomatic work there, then they moved to America and completed his secondary studies, then he entered Chestnut Hill College nearly 4 years ago, specializing in computer science, and this year was He will be graduating from it.

He stated, “The Saudi embassy took care of all the procedures for the body, but so far the death certificate has not been issued. God willing, we will get it during the day.”

And Al-Gharibi stated that the condition of the victim’s mother is very bad, especially since the arrangement of Al-Walid is “the last of the cluster”, and he has a brother and a sister, and he is 25 years old.

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