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Stopping the feed cracking unit at Sadara Chemicals for maintenance

Sadara Basic Services Company announced its intention to suspend the feedstock crushing unit of its parent company, Sadara Chemicals, to carry out the necessary routine and preventive maintenance, according to industrial and technical standards, for a period of 45 days, starting from the beginning of February 2023.

Sadara Chemicals said in a statement on Tadawul Saudi Arabia today that this maintenance will contribute to raising the level of reliability and achieving future operational plans for the company’s factories, in addition to improving its operational efficiency and productivity.

She explained that the financial impact of the suspension cannot be accurately estimated at the present time, and it will appear on the results of the first quarter of the year 2023 AD.

She indicated that in order to fulfill the company’s obligations towards its customers, all necessary precautions were taken to avoid any impact from this suspension on the company’s obligations towards customers.

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