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The first of its kind in Saudi Arabia.. These are the details of the play “Our Mu’allaqat An Extension of Glory”

Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed bin Abdulaziz, the general supervisor of the musical “Our Mu’allaqat Is An Extension of Glory” and the owner of its idea, confirmed the interest of the wise leadership in consolidating Saudi culture and supporting the efforts of the cultural sector.

And he explained during the press conference held by the Theater and Performing Arts Authority in Riyadh yesterday, to reveal the course of the artwork that will be presented within the activities of the founding day for this year 2023, that the work is in keeping with the famous ten commentators, and he said: “We are on the verge of a great challenge to accomplish this work that embodies the determination of its crew “, citing the saying of the Crown Prince: The Saudis’ aspiration is like Mount Tuwaiq.

He also added: “No country can attribute the Mu’allaqat to itself and its geographical borders, except for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where all Mu’allaqat owners lived within its borders.”

The first of its kind

He expressed his thanks to the Saudi Ministry of Culture and the Theater and Performing Arts Authority for supporting this theatrical work, the first of its kind in the history of the Kingdom, indicating that the work is the hero in itself, and no main hero was chosen in it.

For his part, Prince Ahmed bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz “Sahm” explained that he worked on composing the poetic text in a modern way, and creating sentences commensurate with the idea of ​​the work, praising the idea of ​​His Highness Prince Abdul Rahman bin Musaed, which reflects the culture of the Kingdom.

The CEO of the Theater and Performing Arts Authority, Sultan Al-Bazai, in turn, referred to the authority’s efforts in producing major theatrical works and epic works in the Saudi theater, and the importance of activating modern artistic visions in line with the requirements of the stage, stating that the artistic work relied on merging the theatrical state with music, visual performances and other arts.

A lyrical theatrical work

The director of the play, Amer Al-Hamoud, spoke about the technical and directing aspects of the theatrical work, and said: “This artistic work is the first lyrical, poetic theatrical work in Saudi Arabia that enjoys this great production support, and we are in defiance with ourselves and our expertise to direct it in a way that suits the taste of the recipient and lives up to the name and idea of ​​the work.”

It is noteworthy that the play “Our Mu’allaqat An Extension of Glory” will be shown at the Princess Noura Bint Abdul Rahman University Theater in Riyadh, as part of a package of activities that will be organized to celebrate the founding day, in partnership with Al Diriyah.

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