We will eliminate the Ukrainian counterattack because we have the right

While the Ukrainian forces launched a counterattack that they launched last week against the Russian forces in southern Ukraine, the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova, confirmed today, Wednesday, that Ukrainian counterattack It will end with Moscow’s victory, adding, “Because we are right.”

She also said in an interview with Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath, “Kiev is the one who prohibited itself from holding talks with us,” noting that any initiative to resolve the crisis without talks would be absurd.

“We are working to develop our relations with Arab countries based on mutual respect and common interests,” she added, noting that many countries and politicians have presented their visions in initiatives to solve the Ukrainian crisis.

20 plans.. and the Chinese initiative is the most appropriate

She also indicated that there are about 20 plans and initiatives that were presented to solve the crisis in Ukraine, indicating that Chinese initiative It is most in line with Russia’s approach.

“The Chinese initiative respects the sovereignty of our country and does not fuel conflict,” Zakharova said.

It also indicated that there is an initiative to solve the crisis presented by the Republic of South Africa.

“We thank everyone who sincerely wants to solve the Ukrainian crisis and contribute to calming the situation,” she added.

12 items

Last February, the Chinese government published a proposal consisting of 12 items, in which it called on Moscow and Kiev to resume peace negotiations, warning against the use of nuclear weapons and demanding that civilians be avoided.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry said in the document that “all parties should support Russia and Ukraine to move in the same direction and resume direct dialogue between them as soon as possible,” stressing that “nuclear weapons should not be used and nuclear wars should not be fought.”

The ministry also stressed that “parties to the conflict must strictly abide by international humanitarian law and avoid attacking civilians or civilian facilities.”

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