After his legs were amputated in the earthquake, a Turkish youth dived again

A new example is that “there is no despair with life … and there is no life with despair”, which was demonstrated by a Turkish young man from the Turkish city of Hatay, which was one of the largest cities affected by the devastating earthquake last February, which led to the death of about 55 thousand under the rubble, in Turkey. Syria, in addition to tens of thousands of casualties.

Abd al-Rahman Aydin stayed under the rubble following the devastating earthquake that struck Turkey on February 6, which caused his legs to be amputated at the knees, but his insistence on the challenge prompted him, months after the accident, to return to his favorite sport, which is diving. Aiden returned to diving with a professional team.

Pictures published by the Turkish newspaper Yeni Safak on its Twitter account showed 18-year-old Aydin underwater with professional divers.

A 7.7-magnitude earthquake occurred in southeastern Turkey on February 6, and tremors struck 11 provinces of the country and regions of neighboring countries, including Syria.

The number of earthquake deaths in Turkey exceeded 49,000, in addition to more than 500 deaths in Syria.

The devastating earthquake led to the collapse of 140 thousand buildings, forcing their owners to stay in tents and shelters or move to other cities.

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