An Egyptian artist retracts her decision to retire: “I didn’t mean”

The Egyptian artist, Mirhan Hussein, retracted her decision to retire, explaining that she did not intend to retire from art, but she wanted to get away from the communication sites.

“I didn’t mean”

Mirhan shared a video clip, through her official account on Instagram, saying: “I missed you very much, and I am sorry that I disappeared from you for this period, but I disappeared because I wanted to return to you better than the first, and as Instagram, I needed a period in which I would stay better.”

And she explained, “Regarding the issue of my retirement, I did not mean that I would retire from art. I meant that I would retire from social media and people for a while, because I went through a period of frustration during this period.”

The decision to retire

Mirhan Hussein had decided about two weeks ago to move away from the artistic scene and avoid everything to focus on her private life, because of the bad psychological state she had become, after she lost a sense of appreciation in the roles assigned to her.

She indicated, “It is an untapped artistic value,” so she announced that she had decided to retire from social media, and that she “no longer wanted anything from anyone except for everyone to leave her alone after feeling distressed and sad.”

lengthy message

Despite her justification now that she did not intend to retire from art, the lengthy letter that she previously published enumerated the reasons that prompted her to retire, including “presenting artistic roles that do not resemble her and do not satisfy her talent, and do not exploit her artistic capabilities, especially since she has many acting workshops, and owns Talent for imitation as well as singing.

She also said that the audience informs her at any interview that they want to see her in roles that are more suitable for her great talent.

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