The arrest of an Alexandria real estate contractor.. and the recovery of a second body

The Egyptian security services managed to arrest the contractor responsible for The collapsed real estate business in AlexandriaAnd it was decided to detain him in the Security Directorate until he was presented to the Public Prosecution in the morning, at a time when the Civil Protection Forces recovered the body of another deceased person from among the rubble.

Investigations revealed that the contractor carried out construction works on the last, fourteenth floor, despite the issuance of a decision to remove it and seize it pending investigations.

The Civil Protection Forces in Alexandria continue to search for victims under the collapsed property, after they managed to pull out its first victim from under the rubble, a young man named “Mustafa Othman Abkar,” 22 years old.

The Civil Protection Department had sent 2 hydraulic formations, an electric ladder, a loader and a huge excavator belonging to the Drinking Water Company, to lift the rubble of the collapsed Khalil Hamada estate in the Montazah First area, to facilitate the search for missing persons under the collapsed property.

A force from the Alexandria Security Directorate, in coordination with the various security agencies, arrested the owner of the Alexandria property, and his place of residence was searched, and it was found that there are other accomplices who will be summoned in the morning.

It turned out that the accused was preparing to go to another governorate during the coming hours and to appoint a lawyer until the situation calmed down and he turned himself in.

The governor of Alexandria gave instructions not to continue searching and removing rubble until morning

Other elements will be pushed in the coming hours to intensify searches.

And the Egyptian Ministry of Health announced, on Monday, that the body of one of the victims of a property collapse in Alexandria had been recovered, and two injured people were also rescued from under the rubble.

The authorities continue to search for other bodies, as well as the injured, while the state of emergency has been lifted in all hospitals in the province.

The ministry stated that all the injured left the hospital after receiving the medical service, noting that the ambulance teams will continue to be stationed at the accident site until the completion of the rubble removal work, in anticipation of any other injuries or deaths.

Major General Muhammad al-Sharif, Governor of Alexandria, confirmed that a vertical split caused the collapse of the 14-storey property.

He said that all the competent authorities are present at the site of the fall of the property No. 5, Khalil Street, Khalil Hamada Street, in Al-Montazah First District.

Al-Sharif explained that the property had a vertical hemisphere split, and it is being confirmed that there are any residents under the rubble, pointing out that the property is used as rental apartments during the summer season, and a removal decision was issued for the last floor, stressing that all facilities were immediately cut off from the property.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that the property collapsed in the presence of a number of residents inside it, in addition to the presence of others in a supermarket below.

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