New to Instagram.. No long hours of watching at night after today

When you are struggling to sleep through the night hours it can be very tempting to grab your phone and start browsing Instagram appDespite this, hours may pass without noticing that it is four o’clock in the morning, and you have not slept yet, as you took a gander at watching photos and videos.

But a new update from Instagram will soon make that a thing of the past. Meta, which owns both Instagram and Facebook, has launched two new tools to urge teens to manage their time when using these apps.

These updates are designed to help teens feel in control of their online experiences and help parents feel equipped to support their teens.

Send a notification

The first new tool is to send a notification to teens if they spend too much time on Facebook. Teens will see a notification when they spend 20 minutes on the app, asking them to take some time away from the app and set daily time limits.

In the meantime, they’ll get an Instagram “alert” if the app detects they’re watching reels at night.

In addition, Meta stated that it is looking for a new update that will cause teens to close the app if they are scrolling reels at night.

The new features come shortly after the launch of Quiet Mode on Instagram, a feature that encourages users to set boundaries with their friends and followers.

Quiet Mode mutes notifications and sends automatic replies to direct messages.

“quiet mode”

It’s also adding a new “in silent mode” status below Instagram profile names, accompanied by a small crescent moon icon for others to see.

App users can toggle quiet mode on and off in the app’s settings and choose to set a time period for it to activate automatically.

Users will also receive an instant prompt asking if they want to turn on quiet mode after they spend “several minutes” on Instagram at night.

Quiet Mode is already available to users in the UK, US, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, but it will now be rolled out globally.

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