They threw stones at him before stabbing him.. A Tunisian was killed in clashes with African immigrants in Sfax

Today, Tuesday, local media reported that a young Tunisian man was killed in clashes with irregular immigrants Sub-Saharan Africa late last night.

The private Diwan FM radio station quoted a member of parliament, Tariq al-Mahdi, as saying that skirmishes broke out between a number of residents of the city of Saqiyat al-Zeit in the state of Sfax and a group of immigrants, adding that three immigrants threw stones at the young man before stabbing him with a knife in the neck.

The state of Sfax, the second largest city in Tunis, is witnessing skirmishes between residents and immigrants from sub-Saharan African countries for the third night in a row.

The coasts of Sfax, overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, have become a starting point for irregular migrants towards Europe.

The increase in the number of irregular immigrants angered the people and demanded to prevent their influx into the city.

A week ago, hundreds of people demonstrated to demand that the authorities find solutions against the spread of migrants and their takeover of public places, raising the slogans “Why Sfax”, “Sfax is crying out”, “We live together, but we live in peace”, “Sfax is not a transit area” and “Immigration is not The regulars are a danger to the republic,” demanding their deportation or the imposition of visas on travelers coming from sub-Saharan countries.

The growing number of immigrants

In February, Tunisian President Kais Saied criticized the growing number of illegal immigrants, and considered that this constituted a demographic threat to his country, calling for urgent measures to be taken to stop their flow, but he was subjected to widespread condemnation from local and international non-governmental organizations, which considered his statements to be incitement to hatred and discrimination. And a call for racism against immigrants.

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