Twitter publicly warns Meta over Threads: We will sue you!

It seems that the threat of Meta’s new “Threads” application, which seemed clear to attract 30 million subscribers in hours, will not go unnoticed.

On Thursday evening, the bluebird publicly threatened Meta, to sue it over its new app.

Public warnings

And the American “SEMAFOR” website published a warning message from Twitter to Meta, demanding that the tweet site take immediate steps to prevent the use of any secrets related to its platform.

And he warned against the consequences of any confidential information that our former employees could pass on, noting that many former Twitter employees have confidential information and work for Meta.

These developments came at a time when the Threads application, launched by Meta Platforms, attracted more than 30 million subscribers in the first 18 hours of its launch.
Its launch, to be the first real threat to the Twitter application owned by Elon Musk, as Threads took advantage of its access to billions of Instagram users and its appearance similar to its competitor Twitter.

“Twitter Killer” with 30 million subscribers

Threads, which has been dubbed the “Twitter killer”, also releases free applications on Apple’s App Store in Britain and the United States.
United Thursday.

The launch of the app came after Meta CEO Mark Zugerberg and Musk exchanged criticism for months, but also expressed their willingness to fight a mixed martial arts match on the ground in Las Vegas.

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