The collapse of dams and paralysis of traffic due to the rains.. Northern Türkiye is facing a catastrophe

Several Turkish states located in the north of the country on the Black Sea are witnessing heavy rains that led to the closure of roads, the collapse of some bridges and the suspension of traffic, while the Turkish Meteorological and Disaster Authority warned of more rains in the Black Sea region.

The Meteorology and Disasters Authority called on the residents of 15 Turkish states and cities to exercise caution due to the continued heavy rains, which caused great material damage as a result of the collapse of some bridges and the leakage of water into buildings, shops and hospitals.

Pictures and videos showed soil erosion in some areas, as well as rock falls in others.

Heavy rains prevented residents of several states from leaving, as is the case in Zonguldak, Kastamonu, Trabzon, and other Turkish cities and towns on the Black Sea.

The Turkish Meteorological and Disaster Authority denied any casualties so far as a result of the rain.

The authority announced that the Zonguldak-Istanbul road was closed to traffic due to heavy rains.

Although local Turkish media announced that a woman had lost her life due to heavy rains, the Meteorological and Natural Disasters Authority has not confirmed this yet.

It is likely that the rains will continue in northern Turkey until next Wednesday, according to the Meteorology and Natural Disasters Authority, which in turn also warned of soil erosion in some areas due to heavy amounts of rain.

Heavy rains turned the streets of some Turkish cities on the Black Sea into what looked like small lakes that trapped residents in their homes and prevented them from leaving them.

Medical teams and rescue teams are trying to get out those trapped in their homes due to the rain.

The northern regions of Turkey usually witness heavy rains at this time of the year, as the local authorities’ dealings with them turn into something like a political battle between the ruling “Justice and Development” party and the parties that oppose it.

Both sides accuse each other of municipal mismanagement of natural disasters.

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