Russia stops movement across the Crimean Bridge due to an “emergency”

announced ruler Crimea Sergey Aksionov said on Monday that traffic at the Crimean bridge, which connects the peninsula with Russia’s Krasnodar region, was stopped due to an “emergency situation.”

While Aksionov did not mention in his post on the Telegram application any other details.

The Ukrainian news agency RBC reported that explosions were heard on the bridge.

Crimea targeting

It is noteworthy that since the attack on the Crimean Bridge on the eighth of last October (2022), the Ukrainian peninsula, which Russia annexed to its authority, without international recognition of that step, has been subjected to several attacks, most of them by drones, especially in Sevastopol.

While Moscow pointed the finger at Kiev, the latter kept silent for the most part.

Last June, Russian-appointed officials in the Kherson and Crimean regions confirmed that Ukrainian forces had launched a missile attack on a bridge linking Kherson in southern Ukraine with Crimea.

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