Trump reveals his plan to solve the Ukraine crisis…within 24 hours

The former US president expressed Donald TrumpHe expressed his intention, if he wins the presidential elections in 2024, to seek a peace agreement between Russia and Ukraine.

“I will call (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to make a deal with (Ukrainian President Vladimir) Zelensky,” Trump said in an interview with “Fox News” published on Sunday, stressing that this “will happen very quickly.”

He added, “I would say to Zelensky: ‘That’s enough, you need to make a deal. ‘” Time ago, if necessary,” stressing: “I will make an agreement in one day.”

Last March, Trump pledged that he could stop the war in Ukraine within one day if he was re-elected as president of the United States.

Trump has repeatedly claimed, since Russia began its military operations against Ukraine in February 2022, that he will be able to end the conflict within one day, without explaining how he will do so.

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