14 million dollars are chasing Shakira .. and the artist “acted according to the law”

The private life of international star Shakira is no longer the concern of her fans, as the issue of her tax evasion has not ended yet.

The owner of Waki ​​Yaki is set to face trial soon for failing to pay $14.5 million in back taxes, as the judge agrees with prosecutors to look into two potential cases under tax evasion, according to the Guardian.

“false accusations”

The pop star will also face more trouble from Spain’s tax office after a Barcelona court said on Thursday it had agreed to open an investigation into a second case of alleged tax fraud by the Colombian singer.

On the other hand, the artist stressed, in an interview with Elle magazine, that these are “false accusations,” stressing that she was acting according to the law.

The case of tax evasion in which the international star is accused dates back to 2018, and is considered the second.

Shakira - Reuters

Shakira – Reuters

In turn, the court said that it had no information about the amount of money in question.

Two cases in Spain

While the first case, which is due to go to trial, hinges on where Shakira lived during 2012 and 2014, Barcelona prosecutors allege that the Grammy winner spent more than half of that time in Spain and should have paid taxes in the country, even though her official residence was in the Bahamas.

The defense team said Shakira, who now lives in Miami, had not yet received notification of the second investigation.

Shakira has lived in Spain since she began dating now-retired soccer player Gerard Pique.

The two lived and had two children in Barcelona until last year, when they ended their 11-year relationship.

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