Russia advances two kilometers in 24 hours in eastern Ukraine

The Russian army confirmed, on Tuesday, that it had advanced two kilometers during the last 24 hours in eastern Ukraine, specifically near Liman, which is a railway center that Ukrainian forces recovered last October.

Advance towards Liman

And the Ministry of Defense said in a statement, “Our forces have made complete progress at a depth of two kilometers and a length of four kilometers on the front line” in the direction of Liman.

counter operations

The statement added that during “these successful counter-operations”, the Russian army took control of the town of Sergeyevka.

Russia finally launched a new offensive in this area of ​​the front that reaches northeastern Ukraine, a few weeks after the start of the Ukrainian counterattack, which is concentrated in the south.

The Russians confirmed two weeks ago that they had advanced a kilometer and a half in the direction of Liman.

Attacks about Lehman

Since the beginning of July, the Ukrainian army has reported Russian attacks around Liman, fifty kilometers northeast of Kramatorsk, the main city controlled by Kiev in eastern Ukraine.

On July 8, Russian bombing of Kramatorsk left eight dead and 13 wounded, according to Ukrainian authorities.

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