Mbappe is “affected” emotionally…and sadness squeezes his heart

Louis Fernandez, the former Paris Saint-Germain coach who is close to the star, Kylian Mbappe, believes that the latter is emotionally affected and that he is not feeling well, amid a crisis between the French striker and his Parisian club.

Kylian Mbappe informed his club management last month of his unwillingness to extend his contract beyond the next season, as he did not want to activate the additional year extension clause in the contract he signed in May 2022, while the Paris Saint-Germain administration asked him to leave this summer or renew.

Fernandez, who coached Paris in two different periods in the mid-nineties and early millennium, said in an interview with the Spanish radio “Cadena Sir” on Tuesday: Mbappe is going through a difficult situation, he is affected emotionally and is not feeling well, I feel that he is very sad, and I think that his departure from the club is a matter of time.

And the Paris administration made a sudden decision to exclude the top scorer of the last World Cup from the Asian team’s tour in Japan, considering that whoever failed to accompany the mission was outside the club’s plans for the coming period.

The French coach says about it: Paris is pressuring the player and the club is right about that. He paid a lot of money to bring him from Monaco, endured his procrastination last year and did not want to be a laughing stock in front of the world, while the club’s fans are very frustrated with the player who spent 5 seasons in the team without being able to achieve the Champions League.

Fernandez ruled out that Mbappe would sit in the stands, and added: If Paris decided to remove Paris to the stands, he would cause a lot of problems, he would be angry and upset, and this would affect the rest of the players who would notice that.

Mbappe insists on staying in Paris next season in order to obtain the loyalty reward, which the club must pay by the 31st of this month, while the latter insists on resolving the player’s position before that date.

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