Winter storm warnings: Advisories for much of East Coast – live

Major winter storm hits southern states of America

At last nine people are suspected to have been killed by a massive series of winter storms currently sweeping across the US.

Several states are under winter storm advisories as snow has started to fall in the East Coast, hitting areas including Pennsylvania, Washington DC and New York.

The advisories are currently impacting 125 million people across all corners of the US. The storm is expected to continue into Monday night as snowfall reaches New York and southern New England.

The National Weather Service said that travel could become difficult in areas with heavy snow and significant ice.

On Tuesday, the Rockies, Great Plains, and Midwest areas are expected to see dangerously cold wind chills, which can cause frostbite on exposed skin and hypothermia. The weather service said members of the public should arrange travel with the conditions in mind and avoid being outside as much as possible.

If individuals need to be outdoors, the agency suggests wearing appropriate clothing and dressing in layers. Additionally, pets should be kept indoors.

Temperatures are expected to moderate midweek.


Six states so far have declared emergencies

At least six state governments so far have declared a state of emergency due to the cold weather.

Arkansas, Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, New York, and Nebraska have all hit the big red button for at least part of their jurisdictions in response to vicious temperatures over the past few days.

That is not counting the individual counties and cities that have taken the same step.

“During this time, it is important to check in on vulnerable friends and family, and do whatever you can to stay safe and warm,” said New York governor Kathy Hochul this evening, announcing a travel ban for empty trucks and trailers.

Alabama governor likewise warned on Sunday night: “We are anticipating unusually cold temperatures in Alabama this week, so I am urging everyone to be prepared, take caution traveling and stay weather aware.”

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Natural gas supplies drop sharply due to frozen wells

US natural gas supplies have suffered their steepest drop in more than a year due to the extreme cold, according to Reuters.

Gas industry analysts expected record demand from across the nation on Tuesday, though Monday’s estimates were revised downward due to many businesses and government offices being closed for MLK Jr Day.

Meanwhile, the temperatures reportedly caused many gas wells to freeze, along with other equipment used to extract fuel from the ground.

Io Dodds16 January 2024 08:02


20 American cities see record lows

231 million: that is the estimated number of Americans currently experiencing below-average temperatures for this kind of year, according to Fox Weather.

The broadcaster said that over 20 cities broke their low temperature records on Monday, with Dallas’s cold smashing a target that had stood for nearly a century.

Lauren Io Dodds16 January 2024 07:06


Buffalo Bills triumph in snowbound NFL game

The Buffalo Bills have triumphed 31-17 over the Pittsburgh Steelers in a snowbound gridiron football match at Buffalo’s Highmark Stadium.

Bills fans celebrated touchdowns by throwing snow in the air like confetti, while the team reportedly advertised 200 openings for temporary snow shovellers to work through the night before the game.

Nevertheless, the conditions weren’t nearly as bad as at Saturday’s game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins, which was the fourth-coldest n NFL history.

The two teams faced off at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in temperatures of -4F, with wind gusts of up to 27mph delivering a brutal -27F chill.

Bills fans take their places before a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on 15 January, 2024

(Sarah Stier/Getty Images)

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Texans asked to conserve electricity

The Texan state power grid operator has asked residents and businesses to use as little electricity as possible tomorrow in order to avoid a repeat of 2021’s deadly winter weather fiasco.

Now Ercot, the non-profit that operates Texas’s main energy grid, has issued a “conservation appeal” for Tuesday 16 January.

“With the winter storm encompassing the entire state, and temperatures forecasted to be colder this evening and into tomorrow morning, Ercot is asking Texans to conserve electricity use, if safe to do so,” the organisation said on Monday morning.

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January storms 2024, in pictures

The brutal weather has resulted in some striking images across the US over the past few days. Here are a few:

Des Moines, Iowa, 15 January 2024

(Justin Lane/EPA)

A Buffalo Bills fan watches the game at Highmark Stadium, New York, 15 January

(Kirby Lee/USA TODAY Sports via Reuters )

A bush frozen solid in Austin, Texas, 15 January

(Adam Davis/EPA)

Traffic navigates past a wrecked trailer on Interstate 80 near Williamsburg, Iowa, 14 January

(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Io Dodds16 January 2024 04:29


More than 4,300 flights cancelled in one day

Southwest and United topped the list of US airlines for cancelled flights, with 768 and 459 trips nixed respectively – making up19 per cent and 18 per cent of all those carriers’ flights.

Houston and Dallas were the worst-hit airports, with 283 and 207 outgoing flights cancelled on Monday. Denver, Chicago, and Nashville followed not far behind.

Some airports had more than half of their outgoing flights cancelled, including Reagan National Airport just outside Washington DC and Denver International.

Io Dodds16 January 2024 03:47


Cold weather has been linked to nine deaths so far

At least nine people have died in circumstances suspected to be linked to the current winter storms, according to media reports and local authorities.

In Portland, Oregon, county officials are investigating two possible hypothermia deaths, according to The Portland Tribune, with three more killed over the weekend when trees fell on their homes.

Officials in Mississippi said that one person had died while driving on Highway 49 just south of Silver City at around 8pm local time on Sunday, while Tennessee reported one more weather-related death without giving any details.

And in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, three homeless men have been found dead with suspected hypothermia in the freezing cold streets over the past few days.

Io Dodds16 January 2024 02:33


New York resident captures thundersnow

A resident in Orchard Park, New York appeared to take a video of thundersnow Sunday evening.

The footage was taken near the Buffalo Bills’ stadium, where the team was expected to play against Pittsburgh in the playoffs. The game was postponed until Monday.

Michelle Del Rey16 January 2024 01:04


Chicago has opened warming centres after weather warning

Chicago has opened warming centres after the officials announced temperatures there might reach -30 fahrenheit, according to NBC News.

The National Weather Service issued a two-day winter weather warning for the city, which began on Sunday night and is expected to be in place until Wednesday.

“Residents can expect extreme cold and should limit time spent outdoors. Impacts include slippery road conditions due to ice and the wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 30 minutes,” city officials said in a statement.

The city is specifically using the the Harold Washington Library at 400 S State St as a warming centre for people wishing to escape the chilly weather. Officials also plan to use six community centres run by the Department of Family Support Services.

Michelle Del Rey16 January 2024 00:59

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