Kansas City shooting survivor reveals moment woman begged shooter ‘don’t do it’

Kansas City shooting survivor reveals moment woman begged shooter ‘don’t do it’

A survivor of the Kansas City ChiefsSuper Bowl parade shooting recounted the moments before gunfire in an interview with CBS Mornings.

Jacob Gooch said he heard a woman say, presumably to the shooter, “don’t do it.”

“I personally did not see the shooter,” Mr Gooch said. “I heard the altercation of a girl or some girls like ‘don’t do it, not here this is stupid’ or something like that. And then the gunshots, which at the time I thought were fireworks.”

There are 23 known victims of the shooting, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves told reporters on Thursday morning. That total includes one fatality: 43-year-old Lisa Lopez-Galvan, a mother of two and a local radio DJ.

Half of the victims injured by gunfire were under 16, according to Ms Graves. The youngest gunshot wound victim is just eight years old, while the oldest is 47, she told reporters.

Mr Gooch was shot in the ankle, his wife was shot in the calf, and his son was shot in the foot, he said.

The survivor also told CBS Mornings that he saw a group of suspicious people before gunshots rang out, though he was not sure if they were actually connected to the attack.

“I mean, I got suspicious of a certain group of people that were there,” Mr Gooch said. “We were standing on the left side of the stage when the shooting ended up happening. And right before it ended up happening, there was this group dressed in all black. About four, five, six kids with black on, black masks.”

“They disappeared into the crowd and then the show ended and as soon as we started walking around, it happened,” he continued.

Police took at least three people in custody and two of the subjects are juveniles, Ms Graves told reporters.

“We have subjects detained, two of which are juveniles,” Ms Graves said. “We are working to determine the involvement of others and it should be noted we have recovered several firearms.”

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