Riley Strain updates: Search continues for missing Missouri student

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University of Missouri student Riley Strain has been missing since 8 March.

The 22-year-old was partying with his fraternity brothers in Nashville when he was kicked out of a bar and became seperated from his friends.

After a fruitless search, the friends reported Mr Strain missing, kicking off a now week-long search for the college student.

Police have found no evidence of foul play in Mr Strain’s disappearance. Ground and air search efforts are ongoing. A police helicopter searched the immediate area around downtown Nashville, including a river bank where Mr Strain allegedly wandered near. Investigators using boats on the Cumberland River have found no trace of Mr Strain.

Mr Riley’s parents have joined his friends and police in Nashville to search for the young man.

“This is definitely the worst nightmare,” Mr Strain’s stepfather, Chris Whiteild, told News 2. “Riley talks to us, whether it’s me or to his mom. He talks to his mom three or four times a day. For him to go this long without talking is not normal by any means.”


Country star Luke Bryan speaks out after Missouri student vanished from his Nashville bar

Country music star Luke Bryan has spoken out after a college student disappeared after being asked to leave his bar in Nashville on Friday.

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Nashville Police say no signs of foul play as search for missing student Riley Strain continues

On Thursday an urban search and rescue team continued to search along the brush line of the bank of the Cumberland River, checked storm drains and looked in dilapidated buildings.

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Agency investigating if missing student Riley Strain was over-served by Nashville bar

The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced Wednesday an investigation had been launched, according to WSMV4.

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What we know so far about the disappearance of University of Missouri student Riley Strain

University of Missouri student Riley Strain was out with his fraternity brothers in Nashville, Tennessee, on Friday 8 March when he disappeared.

He’d been asked to leave a bar the Delta Chi group were hanging out in, shortly before 9.45pm, and said he was going back to their hotel.

Here is everything we know so far:

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Missouri student Riley Strain’s disappearance: A timeline

His friends attempted to find him after he left the bar, but by 1.40am, found no trace of him. They then called the police to report him missing.

The following is a timeline of the disappearance of Riley Strain.

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View of Cumberland River banks where police have been searching for Riley Strain

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Airboat rescue volunteers are assisting in the search for Riley Strain

Garry Hanner, the owner of the non-profit American Airboat Rescue, told ABC15 that he’s been assisting police in the search for missing University of Missouri student Riley Strain.

“For about six hours, we went up and down the river, walked all the banks, went 14 miles downstream, and then came up almost to Rock Harbor,” Mr Hanner said.

Mr Hanner told the outlet that he has spent the last few days with Mr Strain’s family searching for the missing student.

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Metro Nashville Police used boats equipped with sonar to search for Riley Strain in Cumberland River

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Mystery as Missouri university student vanishes after leaving bar during Nashville frat trip

Riley Strain, 22, was last seen on Friday night as he left Luke’s 32 Bridge Food + Drink in Nashville’s Broadway area.

The senior’s stepfather said in an interview on Monday that the days since Riley’s disappearance had been “pure hell”.

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Homeless residents in Nashville report sightings of missing student Riley Strain

Missing student Riley Strain was reportedly seen wandering in downtown Nashville by two separate groups of homeless people on the night that he disappeared.

Mr Strain, who attends the University of Missouri, has been missing since 8 March after he was kicked out of 32BRIDGE bar, an establishment owned by country singer Luke Bryan, at 9.30pm.

The 22-year-old had allegedly been overserved alcohol, according to his stepfather, Chris Whiteid. The Tennessee Alcoholic Beverage Commission is investigating those claims.

Graig Graziosi15 March 2024 17:39

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