Sebastian Rogers update: Dad ‘asks the world’ to help find missing son as mom and stepdad face criticism

Missing Sebastian Rogers’ father speaks as search reaches one month mark

Sebastian Rogers’ dad asked the world for help in finding his son on Wednesday, after over a month of searching for him around Tennessee.

The 15-year-old, who is autistic, disappeared overnight on 25 February, with no sign of him since.

“I am asking the world to help me find my son,” Seth Rogers told WKRN. “I need my son back.”

The father has been out looking for his autistic son most days and was one of those who asked the nonprofit organisation the United Cajun Navy in to help.

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s mother Katie Proudfoot and her husband Chris Proudfoot were criticised for leaving their family home in Hendersonville while the boy remains missing.

They say one of the reasons for leaving is the number of threats to their safety by members of the public.

Meanwhile, authorities revealed on Tuesday that at least 10,000 miles had been logged by those searching for the teenager, with an Amber Alert still in effect.


Sebastian’s mother defends leaving area after son’s disappearance

Katie Proudfoot, mother of missing teenager Sebastian Rogers has defended her decision to leave the area where her son was last seen, shortly after his disappearance.

Ms Proudfoot drove three hours away from her home to meet up with her husband and Sebastian’s stepfather, Chris Proudfoot, but said it was due to having received “threatening and hateful” messages from strangers.

“We are posting fliers every direction we can,” she told Fox and Friends on Thursday morning.

“But at the same time, there were quite a bit of people that were sending some very threatening and hateful messages to us. They’re following us. They’re driving past our house at all hours of the day or night, disturbing the neighborhood, and the neighborhood is very upset and concerned. They’re worried about their safety at this point.”

Ms Proudfoot added that she felt that leaving the neighborhood would help calm things down.

Mike Bedigan29 March 2024 06:10


Sebastian’s home was searched ‘at least’ ten times

Police ‘ready to search’ all leads on disappearance of missing teen Sebastian Rogers

Mike Bedigan28 March 2024 21:45


The story so far: Frantic searches and emotional interviews

From a pond being drained, to a reward for information and a mother’s tearful interview, the search for Sebastian has now passed the one-month mark.

Here is a rundown of the story so far:

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A month-long Amber Alert

It’s a month since the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation posted this to its X account, announcing that an Amber Alert had been issued for Sebastian Rogers.

Mike Bedigan28 March 2024 20:15


Third of autistic kids who wander are trying to escape stressful situation

An autism expert has explained that Sebastian’s special needs would likely be affecting him greatly.

Speaking to Nancy Grace, Courtney Lasky from Little Stars Therapy said that children typically have deficits with communication and social skills.

“If, in fact, he is with someone else who does not know him well, that would be entirely out of his routine, he could be engaging in behaviours which he has not engaged in before, he could be looking for an escape, a way to get out of those adverse situations,” Ms Lasky said.

She added that not every autistic child will wander, but that 36% of those who do are doing so to get away from a stressful or difficult situation.

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Watch: Sebastian Rogers’s father asks for the world to ‘help him find his son’

Sebastian Rogers’s father asks for the world to ‘help him find his son’

Mike Bedigan28 March 2024 18:55


What are law enforcement doing?

(Tennessee Bureau of Investigation)

In its latest update on Friday 22 March, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation addressed frustrations expressed by some after they scaled back their search.

“Much of the work being done to track down information about where Sebastian may have gone is not something you will necessarily see in the public. But we want you to know that every day, work is being done to find Sebastian,” the TBI said in a press release.

The Bureau said it was following up on any tips it received on the case and urged locals to keep on checking their land for signs of the boy.

Mike Bedigan28 March 2024 18:30


Audio gives insight into first few hours of search

Newly released audio has given new insight into the moments after Sebastian disappeared.

“We have a missing juvenile… This morning the 15-year-old was not in the bed,” the officer is heard saying in the broken audio from around 6.20am on 26 February.

They then describe Sebastian, who may have been wearing a black sweatshirt and black sweatpants, adding that he had never disappeared from the home in Hendersonville before.

“The mother is driving around looking for him… she is driving a blue Infinity,” the dispatcher tells officers.

The Independent has approached Sumner County Sheriff’s Office for further comment.

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Sebastian’s dad says he needs his son back

“I feel like I am carrying the weight of the world, and all the sudden I got somebody standing behind me, helping me hold that up,” Mr Rogers explained.

He has been out most days searching for the 15-year-old since his disappearance over a month ago.

“I am asking the world to help me find my son,” Mr Rogers told the outlet. “I need my son back.”

Dan Gooding28 March 2024 15:02


Sebastian’s mother believes someone has her son

Katie Proudfoot, Sebastian’s mother, has said she fears someone has taken her son, insisting the 15-year-old would not have wandered off alone.

She told the podcast Crime Stories with Nancy Grace: “I feel like if he had been close to the house, or had walked off, that we would have found him by now with as many people as have been searching.”

Ms Proudfoot said she heard a “thud” on the night of Sebastian’s disappearance, called out to him and then told him to go to bed when he responded.

Dan Gooding has the full story:

Phil Thomas28 March 2024 13:02

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