Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are recording everything you say.. How do you prevent that from doing so?

Recent reports in Go Home have revealed the likes of Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa are recording everything you say without your knowledge, however, you can adjust your settings and save them for your digital assistant to do.

Google Assistant

Tap Google Settings > Search > Assistant and Voice > Google Assistant.

Then tap Hey Google & Voice Match and, under This device, turn off the Hey Google switch by toggling it on.

If you want to consent to more Google activity (not just Google Assistant),

Then select Google Activity Controls.

If you turn the button over the Off button, it will stop recording the activity of the site and apps you have installed.

If you want to turn off storing Google Recordings, Include audio recordings has been deselected.


If you’re on an iPhone and want it to stop listening for you to say “Hey Siri,” you can easily disable the assistant in your settings.

– Open an app, click Settings, Siri & Search, then turn off the “Listen to Siri” button.

– Turn off Siri, and let Siri turn on when a button is pressed.

– If desired, select Siri Mode and Dictation History.

– You can select Delete Siri History and Dictation to clear Siri history on your device.

If you like to use Siri, you decided to use it recently.

Amazon Alexa

Unlike Google Assistant and Siri, Amazon Alexa is not intrusive into your phone.

– Backups.

– Settings Go to previous settings, go to the next app Settings > Alexa privacy settings.

– To delete specific commands, you can click on the audio recording, in which some details will be displayed.

– If you want to stop adjacent recordings, select Manage Your Alexa Data.

– Next, click Choose how long to save recordings, then do not save recordings.

– found on this site.

From the Manage your Alexa data menu, turn off audio recordings if you want your recordings to be manually reviewed by Amazon.

Amazon promised that the assistant would simply place your voice to “improve Alexa interactions.”

– An in-depth guide on using all of these virtual assistants has also been published by Gizmodo.

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