India launches 3 satellites and experimental orbital platform

An Indian rocket has launched three satellites and an experimental orbital platform in its 55th vehicle so far, the four-stage Polar Satellite Launcher (PSLV) rocket, viewing 145.7 feet (44.4 meters) from the Dhawan Spacecraft Center in Southeast India in the clear blue sky as described by the air commentator

It was a blueprint for “space” astronomy: “The C 53 satellite put the satellites into a precise orbit of 570 kilometers” [354 ميلًا] at a tilt of 10 degrees.

Such activities operate as this stage, such activities, success in work, success in operation.

The PSLV carried three satellites on this mission, one of them Singapore, the largest and the largest, the largest weighing 805 pounds (365 kilograms) and treated as DS-EO, a time-of-view that will provide color images for assisted land classification and disaster equality, ISRO officials wrote in describing the mission.

PSLV Research Model.

Job official said

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