Google has a billion-dollar plan to build capacity in Africa

Google has delivered a submarine cable to Togo, the first West African country to offer 5G mobile services, and the Equiano subsea internet cable, part of a billion-dollar program, is part of a billion-dollar program that has numbered Its population is 8 million.

It also links Africa to Europe via Portugal.

It also helps that helps with work.

Togo’s Minister of Digital Economy, Sina Lawson, said: “Our vision is to become a digital hub and we need connectivity, this provides a certain amount of capacity, we can sell capacity to other countries.”

Nearly 37+ new jobs in 2025.

These kind of internet speeds, put you at the same level of competitiveness as your counterparts in the Western world,” said Vera Songwe, head of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa.

One of the highest mobile data costs on content at $8.64 per GB.

Lawson said Togo’s new business activities hope to grow the country’s startup industry by increasing internet speeds.

Google brings its new undersea cable to Africa

Togo is a logistics hub in West Africa with the largest port in the region and the headquarters of Ecobank Transnational and Asky Airlines.

The country is planning to become the main center of digital value for value regionally through the national digitization program “Digital Togo 2025”.

And I decided: This step confirms our commitment to continent by continent, to support the African, Africa, and is in line with the country’s efforts to include digital inclusion for Africa.

Togo became the first country in Africa to launch a 5G network in 2020, and the Internet penetration in Togo tripled in a simple atmosphere, from about 7 in 2017 to about 20 in 2020.

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