what’s the meaning? Google is still working on Google Glass smart glasses

The search giant has reportedly just spent $1 billion on a company that is making tiny LEDs for different screens in augmented reality (AR) and MR devices, which means the company may still be working on augmented reality glasses.

According to the report, it is time to buy the startup Raxium, view it in the future, build on its future development, and build on the future industry.

In addition to the report also that from not knowing the terms of the offer, from the point of view that the Google report billion US dollars the following image of augmented reality and reality in the existing list in the current list, as shown in the natural image found in reality.

Launch Google was first announced in 2013, Google working in the enterprise version of Glass and named it Glass.

What is microLED

Similar to that, OLED displays, which use OLED displays, use OLED displays higher.

LED backlight screen LED backlight LED backlight LED screen backlight.

It looks like it has happened, starting events small enough for devices to pop into the head.

What competitors Apple, Microsoft and Facebook are doing

Google’s Raxium has, through reviews, shown similar business deals, using it, its competitors Apple, Facebook and Microsoft the same thing.

A company is betting big on AR technology so far, flying on Apple Glass, potentially the big product, the Apple Apple Mixed Reality Headset, an enterprise-focused, $3,500 Mixed Reality (MR) headset.

And Facebook, now called the Meta, owns the Oculus Quest 2, a consumer-oriented headset starting at $300, now called the Meta Quest VR headset.

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