A Russian bank advises customers to stop updating software .. Know the details

The Russo-Ukrainian war, mobile technology is feeling the consequences, including open-and-running software development and temporary installation of software updates to applications for fear that they may contain code that starts developing Russian drivers on the face. We chose the verege.

Iranian network, Iranian, Iranian, Iranian

Cases of provocative media being introduced into distributed programs are becoming more frequent. Additionally included in the inclusion of content with icons and symbols in libraries.

The use of these programs can lead to programs that are specific to the information network

If there was a need to use the program, we used it in the summer.

The JavaScript library has widely published an update. .

Updated from an energy point of view, start worrying about open energy.

The update was done in a JavaScript module called node-ipc, an appearance, interface to the NPM package manager, downloaded about a million times a week, and through the front-end development framework Vue.js.

Updates to node-ipc were made on March 7 and March 8 Added token that checks if the IP address of a host device is geolocated in Russia or Belarus, and if so, replace as many files as possible with the heart token.

An alternate version of the alternate version has been created from the alternate word, dropped, dropped, dropped, dropped, workaround.

Pictures are shown in pictures, but pictures are shown in clear picture.

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Cyber ​​security situation. Generally condemned open source updated node-ipc.

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