Apple faces ninth

Apple faces a new fine in the Netherlands for blocking applications for building applications, instead of using the applications interface, within the application, an application for iOS, an application for the Arab portal for technical news report.

The Authority and Markets Authority has been imposed since January. The last seven fines (the ninth) amount to €5 million to the total penalties imposed on the court in this case, the sum of the fines is €45 million (out of a maximum of €50 million if another maximum condition is to satisfy the Supreme Court).

And this is from the period from the period from 2010 to 2010 would you like to start using push technology, instead, instead, instead, instead of that.

A company has submitted new proposals, and the authority said it is studying them to see if they are appropriate.

A spokesperson for the authority said in a statement: G.2.2.

I hope it lasts until the end of last week.

And the promotional appeal that gets in the Netherlands to get good products.

The process is long under the watch of the policy maker, which has led to the formulation of the final details of competition laws. Apple demands 45 million euros and the European Union is finalizing the Sudanese competition for the partnership

European Union Commissioner Margrethe Vestager raised the Arabs

It also warned, and the other end to the Apple Store may be one of the applications listed on the digital market DMA.

EU law looks for energies of up to 10% of annual global sales and there is great potential for community outreach to base.

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