It is an email, however, Gmail storage space is limited.

And obtains and obtains 15 saves and saves from the data and obtains and digests the data and achieves it until the end of 2008.

In case you have exceeded your quota and want to download your Gmail data or if there is another reason you want to download your data. Here are the things you need to know

How do I maintain Gmail labels?

When exporting your mail from Gmail, each message’s labels are kept in a private X-Gmail-Labels header in the download file, although no mail program now recognizes this address, most mail programs allow writing extensions that can take advantage of Word .

Can all of my Gmail backup files include?

Perform Gmail backup download:

content of the message.

message headers.


Gmail labels for the following message category.

messages in the mail.

non messages |.

Sent messages.

Starred messages.

Message drafts.

Messages marked as important.

chat messages.

The messages are in the Trash folder.

Messages in the spam folder.

Archived messages.

Accidental typical responses

Messages in each of the categories in a user interface tab.

muffled messages.

Open messages by the user.

Messages whose read notifications have been sent to the sender.

Letters from that spaniel in the future.

Postponed messages.

IMAP knowledge labels and keywords.

User settings.

Email signatures.

Reply letter to leave and subject.

Authorized sender addresses.

Other account addresses.

Redirect addresses.


Banned addresses.

Postponed message expiry time.

Can I download recently deleted data?

No, they can only be downloaded from data that has not been deleted.

I have a Google Workspace account, can I download all my Gmail data?

If you use an account for work or school, some Gmail data may be available for download.

Can I choose which folders I want to download data from?

Yes, you can choose which folders you want to download data from.

What is the delivery method?

When it’s ready, you’ll receive a downloadable email. One oval to download their files.

Do I choose when I want to export the email?

Yes, the time selection can be chosen:

* Export once: 1 export

* Exports for two months for one year: 6 exports

What are the types of download files?

The file types with which data is downloaded are: .zip, .zip, . tzp

Are there restrictions on size?

Exports with a large size of about 50 GB have been split into multiple files. Zip files larger than 2 GB will be compressed into zip64. Older operating systems may not be able to use this file format. There are third-party applications for the idea of ​​decompressing zip64 files.

Can you make an image from my Gmail account to an external hard disk?

Doing this, doing this, doing the military transcription process in Google, there is only a change in the last stage. Create archive creation, you will receive a download link. Simply choose to download your files and save them to your external drive.

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